Bike Rack Racing & the Jeremy Powers ‘Cross Camp!

Thank you to local photographer and bike racing picture taker extraordinaire Bruce Buckley for this shot. (

Bike Rack Racing teammates Sam and Michelle attended the Jeremy Powers ‘Cross Camp at DCCX in August. Check out our recap below!

The cyclocross camp was put on in conjunction with Bill from Crosshairs (a fellow DC-based cycling team) and JBV Coaching and Fulcrum Coaching.

In short: It was incredible.

If you race or are interested in racing cross, make sure you snag a spot in the camp the next time they hold it (maybe this time next year).

More deets: They really broke down the technical skills: how to have three points of contact on the bike when you are dismounting and remounting, how to glide next to your bike, how to adjust the pedals in your back with you shoulder the bike, how taking the outer edge of a turn is faster, how to break before a turn and carry speed into the turn with shifting your weight, and so much more.

Sam and Michelle at camp (Sam did wear his BRR kit the first day, but I was smart enough to do laundry that night so I could wear it again the next day)

They made us practice drills over and over again, and it helped to build the confidence and skills to do things like ride really tricky and steep off camber sections and how to start a race.

At the end of the weekend we did a mini practice race (just two laps on the mini DCCX course they set up for us) and it led to feeling much more skilled and confident. Plus, learning from Jeremy Powers, the top cyclocross racer in the US and 9th in the World, was pretty darn good too.

Photo credit the awesome Bruce Buckley (