Interested in Joining?

Our Spring recruiting session has concluded but we are evaluating applications on a case-by-case basis as roster space permits, so please speak with a team member if you’re interested in joining.

Joining Bike Rack Racing

Bike Rack Racing started in early 2013 with two basic rules: 1) participate! and 2) don’t be a jerk. With those statements as our guiding principles, we had a great inaugural season. The tradition of working hard, but not taking ourselves too seriously, remains a core part of our team today. We enjoy our time off the bike together as much as celebrating the accomplishments of our teammates and pushing each other out on the road (or dirt)! The focus of our team is to grow women’s participation in bike racing, and gear our recruitment efforts to women interested in bike racing and seasoned racers alike.  In order to promote this focus and keep a close-knit team, we maintain a gender-balanced team roster.

We value our team culture, and give important consideration to the individual’s fit for Bike Rack Racing. Before extending a membership offer, we ask that you join us for at least 2 rides or social events. This gives you the opportunity to get to know Bike Rack Racing and discuss team expectations with our membership coordinators. If your goals and attitude seem in line with BRR, an invitation to join will be extended, contingent on completion of membership requirements. If you have not ridden with us before, we highly encourage you to come out to The Bike Rack’s Sunday shop ride.

We ask that those interested in joining Bike Rack Racing contact us at and fill out the interest form here.

Membership Requirements

Each member of Bike Rack Racing is required to:

  • Hold a USA Cycling License with Bike Rack Racing as the club listing
  • Purchase a Bike Rack Racing team kit
  • Participate in at least 3 races with the team