Michelle’s Take – First Ever Cross Races!

My first ever race reports! :)
[By Michelle Cleaveland)
October 4th and 5th, 2014

Psycho ‘Cross on Saturday:

Lesson 1: Be okay with falling off your bike. And don’t panic when you get your legs tangled in your handle bars.

Lesson 2: Each lap, challenge yourself to ride something, like a steep hill or a slippery off-camber turn, that you see other people riding but were too afraid to ride in the previous lap.

Lesson 3: It sucks to get lapped, but just keep on pedaling as hard as you can.

Lesson 4: Bruises don’t show up until several hours after you race and fall.

(Shout out and thanks to Liz, Andy, Beth and Bilal for the pep talks and advice!)

Hyattsville XC on Sunday:

Lesson 1: If you’re lucky enough to have flat straightaways in a cross race, use those to your advantage to sprint, gain time, and pass people ahead of you.

Lesson 2: Don’t be afraid of the mass start and don’t hang back or you’ll end up behind people slower than you and won’t have the space to sprint for a good placement.

Lesson 3: Your legs are going to hurt so much after two days of racing! :)